Thank God for Opposition

aqua surfWhat is your natural response to someone who slaps you?

Do you Slap back?

The supernatural response to this is both counterintuitive and counter-reactive……

Jesus taught to turn the other cheek……. we absorb (the slap) or the sinful nature (or energy) of others and convert it into righteousness by forgiving them.

Persecution becomes a catalysis for prayer……..

Hatred inspires Love……

Converts Curses into Blessings…….

Thank God for opposition…… It forces me to pray like it depends on God.

10 thoughts on “Thank God for Opposition

  1. Very well written. It spoke to me. My beloved 92 yr. old mother was taken from me this past January 9 through hospital neglect. We still dont even know why she was sent there by an urgent care doctor. She had a cold is all.
    I have been sooo angry at all the staff that let her fall and break her hip and the doctor who wouldn’t allow the surgery to fix it.
    A lawyer has looked at the hospital reports and agrees there is a cover up.

    You’ve inspired me to continue the fight for mom but not to carry the anger and hate around with me anymore. Maybe I will sleep better now.


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