Crazy Timeline……..Even Crazier Stories!

crazy trailblazer

Michael Crichton writes the purpose of history is to explain the present – to say why the world around us is the way it is. History tells us what is important in our world, and how it came to be. It tells us what is to be ignored, or discarded. That is true power – profound power. The power to define a whole society.

I was challenged this last week to write our timeline out…….

What happened when in this crazy line of events…..

My hope is this will help articulate and explain how we got to where we are now. At the present I will present this in bullet points…. after this I will begin to elaborate more on each story along our crazy journey. If there is a story you would like me to go into more detail please let me know….. sharing helps my healing. I love to be asked questions.


  • Feb – Married my BFF
  • March – My father went to trial for crimes he did not commit. Our eyes were opened to a very corrupt system that needs change. More of this story to come.
  • Our first house was in Costa Mesa.


  • Moved to Huntington Beach.
  • Started in a community group. Our second meeting one of the women in the group shared that her husband was going to jail and she was not going to have a place to live…… so she came to live with us for about a year…. during that time great restoration came to she and her husband….. more of this story to come……. and it has a very happy ending!
  • April 29 – We started serving at Rock Harbor’s marriage ministry
  • April 30 – Brian had a crazy accident which changed the course of our lives……. Unable to walk for almost 2 years, life took major detours…. more of this story to come.


  • We started attending Cottonwood leadership college……. why you might ask……. Brian thought it was something we both needed…… I married a wise man…… more of this story to come.
  • The week of our first set of finals we went from living in a beautiful 3 bedroom house in Huntington Beach to a room in my parents house…… everything was gone….. more of this story to come.
  • We watched a kid get sucked into an escalator……. more of this story to come…..
  • Amy fell off a cliff in Mexico….. more of this story to come.

2008 – 2009

  • My dad was sent to Terminal Island from October 2008 to April 2009….. for a crime he did not commit. He had never had a felony or a misdemeanor…… he was not sent to a camp or minimum security facility….  He was sent to Terminal island…Why you might ask….. Good questions….. We were able to first hand experience so much injustice within our broken legal system…. It will change! I want Terminal Island…… give me the building and the people inside….. I will figure out how to bring healing……. Try to prove me wrong! More of this story to come……
  • We lived with my mom during this season.
  • Moved to Long Beach……. my dads first night home from prison we got our keys to move.
  • Graduated from Cottonwood. Both of us were ordained through United World Missions.
  • Started attending our church the Garden in Long Beach.


  • Rest centers started burning within our hearts. Working with Eden/ Twalzan Rest in Mayreau, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. We were going to move to the island…. but life had other plans for us and our plans changed 10 days before the move…….. more of this story to come.
  • Amy Diagnosed with cervical cancer….. more of this story to come.
  • Friday night relationship classes started.
  • Monday night dinners started…… where we saw – food multiplied for 8 month, relationships restored and healing of all kinds. – More of these stories to come.
  • Brian is in multiple car accidents – more of this story to come.
  • Amy worked for Socal kids
  • The ‘11th hour’ story – more of this to come.
  • A car went through Amy in a crazy accident
  • Amy heard she was going to have a son and to name him Joziah.
  • Give 2 cars for $1 each….. more of this story to come.


  • Amy gets laid off from her job, Brian was in school full time……. more of this story to come
  • Good, Better, Best – more of this story to come
  • Amy is given Hope Fulfilled – more of this story to come

2013 – Now the craziness really starts!

  • June 14 – Amy finds out she is pregnant…. not only that but she is 5.5 months along. – more of this story to come.
  • Amy hears they will be given a house to run a rest center – more of this story to come.
  • Sept 27 – Half of Amy’s face paralyzes  – more of this story to come
  • Oct 1 – Brian and Amy move into the promised rest center – Joziah’s Rest – more of this story to come.
  • Oct 18 – Joziah is born – More of this story to come – it is a crazy birth story
  • Amy and Joziah are hospitalized for 5 days – more of this story to come
  • Oct 23 – dream about the Watchers – more of this story to come.
  • November 2 – first guest arrives at Joziah’s Rest.
  • For the next 7 months we had over 30 guests stay at Joziah’s Rest, we taught a 20 week relationship course, we had 24 community dinners ranging from 12 to 100 people.
  • May 27 we find and sign the lease at the Wachman’s Rest. – more of this story to come.
  • May 31st – we move out of Joziah’s Rest
  • We wander for a few weeks at different peoples homes waiting to move in…. more of this story to come.
  • Middle of June we move into the Watchmen’s Rest
  • Then the battle for Life begins…… More of these stories to come……

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