Do one thing everyday that SCARES you!

Do you give as much energy to your dreams, as you do to your fear? Far too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears…… We get stuck behind this invisible wall of fear. Paralyzed to take a step in any directions for fear of failure, rejection, pain and the list goes on…… we may see the dream, but it is beyond our reach….. Too big to achieve or impossible to believe that it is for us… this season…..right now.

We hid behind this invisible wall of fear and label it as ‘stress’ or ‘anxiety’…… far beyond our grasp. It seems like stress is so commonplace in todays age that we think we’re slackers if we don’t feel ‘tense’ or ‘busy’ all the time. But that’s just our fear finding an excuse to stick around. Stress is an option, once I realized this I began to look for a way through it. Believe me, once you have stepped through that wall of fear you look back and wonder why it took you so long………..

How do you get through it???? One small step at a time….. just like eating an elephant! I learned that whenever we’re scared about making change it’s because the steps we’re taking are too big, and these leaps of faith will trigger a life-saving biological response: fear. Fear is a fight or flight response which is birthed in your brain, the amygdala to be exact, and it can be controlled with practice……. The amygdala is shown in research to perform a primary role in the processing of memory, decision-making, and emotional reactions.

Your amygdala plays a heavy role in your fight-or-flight response, a physiological reaction to something threatening (like your big dream!).

When you come across a scary thought or situation, your brain will enter flight mode and your amygdala will literally stop your brain from producing new thoughts. Most artists know this as creative block, but it’s really just FEAR.

So your big dreams aren’t the problem—your amygdala is. And you can turn your amygdala off by asking tiny questions. Questions like ‘What can I do in this next hour to take one step forward?’, ‘Who can I contact?’, ‘What are three things I love about this dream?’

These tiny questions help birth tiny steps and each step gets you closer to your dream and further away from fear overtaking your journey. During my journey I have made it a practice to do one thing everyday that scares me……. I encourage you to do the same! Power through it. Do the thing that scares you, no matter how much it makes your heart pound. Take that step that makes your stomach knot up in tight balls. Do it, and power through, or else miss out on life on your exciting DREAMS!

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One thought on “Do one thing everyday that SCARES you!

  1. This is powerfully put! Thank you for sharing your insights in this area. When I decided to put more energy towards my vision rather than to my fears, my life has been an epic ride of fulfillment, connection, love and limitless energy! Peace and blessings to you dearest ❤️


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