A Trailblazer’s World of Possibilities!!!

Have you ever had a crazy thought….. that you believed could possibly become a reality? Something so out of the box that you were afraid to even breathe the words aloud….. even to yourself!

Welcome to my world…… The World of the Trailblazer. Not many understand the ‘brain challenges’ trailblazers face at a moment by moment basis. You think to yourself…… “Self – Stop It, it isn’t possible!” Then your heart begins to speak as well as your head…… and your heart has a louder, more peaceful voice then the logic of your mind. Your heart begins to pound harder and you begin to feel your blood move through your body, pulsating every limb, bringing new life to places within you which you did not know existed. Your body becomes warm and your ears begin to tingle with hope. You know at that moment there are possibilities beyond your logic and reason. Questions you cannot answer because no one has blazed this trail before you. You are the first and you will not be the last. You know that someone must cut this trail…….. there is something in this great unknown that is calling you by name…. whispering dreams into your heart… giving you strength that is not your own.

The longer I have done this, the more I have come to realize that if I do not answer the call another trailblazer will rise up, be obedient and take the call. There is beauty in obedience. There is unexplainable peace and joy in the unknown. There is also a great sacrifice, far greater than you could possibility imagine at that present moment. You never come back the same. The trail always takes pieces of you…… but you also know that the trail will give you things you could never acquire without the rugged terrain.

Years ago I learned the Prayer of a Trailblazer – ‘ Lord, Surprise Me’. This is a dangerous prayer because it relinquishing me from my control and it also places me within God’s timing and not my own. I cannot take credit for this prayer nor its outcome. One day I heard the King of kings say to me – ‘ You have not because you do not ask’. I realized one of the greatest tragedies in life is the prayer that goes unanswered because it simply goes unasked…. So I ask my King to surprise me. I challenge you to do the same and see what happens!

Stacy's passing

2 thoughts on “A Trailblazer’s World of Possibilities!!!

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I can feel a shift coming in my life and it’s bringing so much joy and excitement. I began with
    the air conditioning going out in my car it sounds weird, but the last time that happened I was randomly out in Las Vegas in 110 degree weather and that week God called me to pick up the mantel for Mexico. This Las time I was randomly in Palm Springs…. something about the heat and the fire of setting the clay pot so it can be used for service. I stopped questioning it and started trusting it. I began reading “God Smuggler” by Brother Andrew and I can’t get though a chapter without tears…. God is moving, and I’m ready!


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