Crazy Miracles

Below are a few Crazy Colgan Cliff Notes of our stories to date

  (And yes I will tell all in time)

  • Had a car go through me

  • Watched food multiply for over 8 months

  • Had a baby after cancer

  • Been apart of a project where God moved 2 football fields worth of sand from one side of an island to another after prayer

  • Watched metal melt out of bodies

  • Witnessed multiple physical healings

  • Was given a fully furnished 5 bedroom house on the beach to run a rest center (with only $200 to our names)

  • Have been given 2 cars for a dollar each

  • Fell off a cliff in Mexico and survived

  • Been paralyzed

  • Had my house try to kill me (just like in the movies)

And the stories continue………….

Do you believe in miracles? What is a miracle…… according to Webster a miracle is a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency.

While I was in seminary I received a word of wisdom from my teacher…….. He said that Brian and I would have a ministry of miraculous miracles…… He also warned us to not put God in a box….. we needed to study the life and ministry of Jesus to know how to navigate this ministry. Sounds like a cool ministry doesn’t it? I thought that at first…….sometimes it is…… the years following I have come to realize in order for a miracle to take place you must have a big need…..What do I mean? If you need food to multiply you have to be without food in the first place, if you need a healing you will be sick, if you need land moved, land is in your way……. Wait a minute…… I don’t want to be the one with needs….. I want to be the one providing the miracles for those with needs. This ministry doesn’t work that way.

What story do you want to hear first??? Food multiplying? A kid recused from being sucked into an escalator? Healings? Metal melting out of bodies?

I know…. I will tell you about the car accident….

I was leaving a friends house in Long Beach one day. Driving down 7th street I came to a light and stopped. I was talking to my parents on the phone (my poor parents had to hear what was about to take place)…… The light turned green, my foot lifted off of the break and then to the left of me I heard a horrible bang and then saw a blue explosion…… the following moment I saw what was coming towards me….. a car spinning out of control. Time slowed down, I braced for impact….. then I heard another crash, behind me…… Where did the car go….. it was headed right towards me. How did the car miss me? It didn’t make sense…. the vehicle ended up backwards inside the Hollywood video store behind me…. How did I not have a scratch on me. My heart was racing, my ears ringing, my body was tingling…. I asked my parents what I should do next… the adrenaline started kicking in. They told me to call 911 and go see if anyone needed help. I pulled my car over. Which car do I go to first… I decided to go to the car that went through me…… as I approached I saw an injured woman. Thank God she was responsive. I helped her out of her vehicle, sat next to her on the ground, put my hand on her leg and shoulder and began to tell her she would be ok, that help was on its way. I told her she was not alone, I would stay with her as long as she needed. We waited for help to arrive…… when help arrived we all gave our statements….. the authorities couldn’t figure out how I was not hit. There were other witnesses that placed me exactly where I said I was….. skid marks were found all around my vehicle, yet it was as it I was invisible….. No one could explain….Pretty cool…. well that is not the end of the story.

6 weeks passed and the phone rang…. it was an insurance agent asking for my statement. I told him what I could remember about the moments before, during and after. Then he asked if he could ask me something off the record…. Sure, why not…. Ask away…. Completely expecting him to ask how I did’t get hit (which was detailed in the reports). He began with telling me that he represented the woman I had touched…… I paused….. It was an interesting statement…. I though for a moment…. who did I touch? Oh yay…. The women injured in the car….. now I was curious… What happened to her? He told me she could not stop talking about the woman that had touched her. He told me that she had been severely injured in the accident, but the moment I touched her she experienced no pain  – none after that moment and in her words she came down from the rafters. The doctors couldn’t explain why there was no pain despite the injuries…… Crazy Awesome-sause!!! He wanted to know how I had done this especially after reading through all the police reports. I was able to share what a life of faith looks like when we are willing to be used… even when we have no clue what we are doing, how to help or that we even made difference in the first place.

Bad things happen…… lots of bad things.Then there are those moments when God uses His crazy kids to work miracles. He is waiting to be asked….. for those that are audacious enough to say – Please use me…… However you want….. In my car, in the street, in the store, in my home…… I am available. It might mean stepping out into the great unknown . It is perspective….. I love this quote by Albert Einstein,  “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

Are you ready to be used? If you are, simply ask…..and don’t forget to buckle up!

6 thoughts on “Crazy Miracles

  1. Amazing car story. Can’t wait for more stories. I got laid off during the Great Recession and couldn’t find work so I went to Bible study classes for 4 years. It built my faith by mountains but then my Dad died in the hospital due to errors the surgeon made and couldn’t fix. The “crash team” who came when Dad got into difficulty then couldn’t operate the crash cart. Yes, it was old (85) but in mostly great shape physically and mentally so I had a lot of trouble with all the errors that were made. I filed a complaint with the State and they looked the other way. I then realized that money was changing hands between the State and the hospitals and let it go. I still have faith but it took a beating because I wasn’t sure Dad was SUPPOSED to die. I also started having trouble with prayer — thinking of it as a crap shoot because my prayer may not be God’s will. I still pray and I still praise but I wish I had the faith I had during those Bible studies.

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